Playa   Flamingo

A crescent of sugar-white sand framed between turquoise water and lush mountain foliage where you can relax and enjoy.

Playa Flamingo Is Rated The #1 Beach In Costa Rica. Few vacation destinations offer the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica, where vast stretches of white-sand beach give way to lush tropical forest and misty mountain peaks, and where whale watching, marlin fishing, zip-lining, snorkeling, orchid hunting and sunbathing are tempting diversions.



Just 15 minutes south, explore the wonders of national parks and nature preserves, or to enjoy the cultural and culinary delights of nearby villages and communities. This is a place where in the same day you can thrill to the rumble of howler monkeys, watch a three-toed sloth dangle languidly from a vine, rappel down a waterfall, soak in a hot springs and be lulled to sleep in your Palms Residence by the oceans lapping waves.