It’s been 3 years since we were blessed with the opportunity to live with our 5 children here in Paradise and there are a couple of things that never loose it’s awe for us.

Yesterday our Cultural Attache at The Palms, Alexandra in her usual super energetic personality, scoured the residences to look for anyone interested in a tour of a life time.

In a way that would be reminiscent of Paul Revere on his famous ride she shouts from the balconies one by one “the turtles are coming, the turtles are coming”.

Fast forward past the 1 hour ride from The Palms, unbearable anticipation and squeals of children over come by excitement and you land on Playa Ostional in the middle of a migration on a scope that’s hard to comprehend.

It’s hard to describe what it actually feels like being part of over 3 thousand Tortuga making the trip up the beach to deliver their eggs, but I can assure you it provokes emotions you never knew you had.

This experience is so special that it crosses the mind that we may be seeing something future generations will never get the opportunity to experience.

If you’ve never had the chance to see something like this we would love the opportunity to bring this experience to you and the ones you love. So take a second out of your busy day to look at the calendar and see when you might have time to come visit Costa Rica and The Palms so we can bring a little AWE into your life.

Pura Vida!