Project 24

The Palms in Costa Rica was created and crafted with many of the pleasures this world has offer. White sand beaches, 5 star services, Custom Finishes and modern Internet access can be found inside and just outside our homes. Along with this luxury comes a very real and genuine responsibility to those that are less fortunate. With owners from all walks of life and all levels of success we only thought it fitting to be involved in such a worthy and honorable cause.

We would like to thank Planet Water for being an innovator in water purification and for having the heart to create a program like 24. It’s only through the hard work and dedication of The Planet Water team that we have this opportunity to give back. The Palms and it’s owners would like to take this opportunity to lead and to encourage you to purchase a Planet Water tower or to give a donation and join the fight for the world’s children.

We stand steadfast in our effort to bring clean water to communities that do not have this basic human need. We think of the world’s children and all the potential that would not have come to fruition had Planet Water and The Palms not gotten involved.